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I've just sent a letter to Square with some of my questions I wanted to know (Some since they are many) .

Incase I have any reply I'll be sure to tell you guys about it. But first check the mail :p .

I wonder if you are reading these kinds of letters

Cloud Strife
to support
More options 2:27 am (1 minute ago)
Dear people behind the desks,

Another fan of your millions writing these words here. As usual it's a
must that I should thank you greatly for letting us enjoy such
unbelievable experience which you call games, while I think they are
life changing events. Such good job you've inserted in every (at least
most of) your works since the very beginning of your company.

While this letter is concerned of the Square branch more I can't let
the mention of how great were the games Enix has also presented to
gamers through the last many years.

The purpose of this email is a try to explain my thoughts about your
works and show some of my questions to you, which even if not got
answered, would let you understand more about your fans.

1) The Chrono saga :

A) "Chrono trigger" was a master piece really, that I can say that it
has the best story I've ever seen (it and FF7) in my life. And believe
me I read much of literature old and modern. Let's say it's something
in the generation who prefers interactive stories than just books.

B) CT had much detail in it's content, that it was very hard to me to
describe the feeling of some scenes to my friends. But away from that,
the title of the work was self explanatory. On the other hand, I found
myself wondering about why did they name the sequel "Chrono Cross" ?!!
I know Chrono is Time, but CC doesn't have to do with time at all. So
why "Chrono Cross" ?

C) Really "Chrono Cross" was one of the best I've seen on PSX, and it
could have also taken the place of CT in my heart but for one thing.
Many characters including was a great idea but on the same time it
affected their backgrounds : / . You can think of about 5/6 characters
with the story revolving around, but what about the others? You can
barely find some sentences scattered here or there by characters like
Guile/Sneff/Zoah but you can find others with much much more. You end
CC without knowing much about your 44 (was that the number?!)
characters. With more character development CC would have been
ultimate, but that doesn't mean it's not great as it is ^_^ . It had
very deep detailed story, good replayability , gameplay system (I
really like it, although many hated it), a kill for soundtrack
(Yasunori is as good as Nobuo, still Nobuo is my man) and also the
best looking graphics on PlayStation (I don't care much about gfx,
since my childhood memories are ranging between Atari 2600 and NES,
but well it sure counts).

D) What happened between "Radical dreamers" and "Chrono Cross" ? The
storyline got a huge change between both. With the most noticed (And I
know many letters had annoyed you about it ;) ) is that why did was
Magus in "Radical dreamers" (As Gil or Magil) and got replaced in
"Chrono Cross" with a what I like to call "a Magus possibility" (As
Arf or Guile). In CC, Guile had some snaps of Magus personality,
ranging from his hair, his way of walking to his scene with the
fortune teller. On the other hand all his rare sentences were
referring that he has nothing to do with Magus. But then again, Lucca
in her letters to Kid mentioned that Janus (Magus) maybe around Kid
now, since he was looking for her. Although there was a big number of
characters around but none can be Magus but for Guile. Although it's
hard to believe that, and the most powerful proof is that Guile is
never affected by saving Schala at the end (Which if he was Magus was
supposed to be his quest).
My question is : Is Magus in CC even as a NPC? If so who? And why did
he changed roles between the 2 works?

E) When Serge and co try to save Kid from her past, Masa and Mune help
them and send them to that incident where Lucca's house got burned.
While playing I found some kids drawings on the walls. They showed
characters like : Ayla, Crono, Marle, Schala and Robo. There were 2
drawings I couldn't reach but I noticed that there were no drawings
for either Frog or Magus. Is it on purpose? Them being from different
time interval isn't the reason, since Ayla and Robo already appeared.
Is it because the player shouldn't know if Frog returned human or not?

F) It's known that Square is famous for the great amount of details
that are inserted in it's works, and that every stone has a meaning
and wasn't just put for space consuming. That made me wonder about
three statues. The statues that were in the the three fates of Past,
Present and Future around Chronopolis in Sea of Eden. Are they
referring to something? Do they have any meaning? Allow me to add a
small note which is probably not important at all, the statue at the
Past fate is looking like the prophet of Zeal's kingdom.

2) Final Fantasy Saga :

A) Long ago in a site called Square-X there were some awesome articles
made by someone called "Jesse Cox" who through your help was able to
find many about your games secrets. One of them I can't ever forget is
the image of Relm that appeared less than a second during the white
flash when Shadow appeared in the additional FMV in FF6 port to PSX.
That was really astonishing and proved there was a connection some how
between them. But the words you sent him about a different issue was
what got me more interested. When you told him that there is a secret
scene with Setzer and Gogo in your party. I've searched it with no ray
of hope finding it though. Was that really true? Or was "Jesse"
fooling readers?

Here's the email that was posted at the editorial BTW :
"Dear Mr. Cox,

Your comments and questions on the character, Gogo, from Final Fantasy
VI were quite unique. I have never heard of such a thing before and in
fact went and asked one of our game testers/developers who has been
with the company for 7 years. His first job with the company was to
look over the English translation of Final Fantasy VI(III in the
states). He told me this, "The answer to his question is in the game.
The only hint I will give, is that in the game there is a cutscene
which can only be viewed with Setzer and Gogo in your group". I hope
this helps you in your search for answers. Thank you for your
questions and comments, Squaresoft Inc. is grateful for fans like you.

Michael King
Customer Relations
Squaresoft Inc."

Well, if there's such hidden scene really, was it on the SNES version
or was it added in the PSX port the same way more endings were added
to CT port? And if it's really true is there any hope of us players
having a hint of how to get it?

***** Actually I still have more more thoughts and questions. But I'm
so tired already and I need to sleep abit ^_^ . So thank you for
reading this letter and I hope it was helpful even abit. (/also hopes
he get answers :p )

Your fan,
cloudvii (And don't just think I'm retarded because my
nick contains "Cloud" ^^" )

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Square has been unpoetic to the callings of fan letters or even editorial letters. I was given a press pass passort as "Square Enix" calls it. This allowed me to write letters and ask question for a up and coming article. The answer's recieved were very short and more or less said "The future is still unclear" or "At this time we are not able to comment".

You want to send question to a company and get great recall. Try Contrail (Wild Arms) or even Atlus (Publisher of Persona and other obscure RPG's.) . They were some of the best to do replies for articles I've done in the past.

I do hope you get a reply Cloud. I wonder how Namco is. I've been meaning to do a report and article on Xeno: A tale of transformation.

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Nope, i tried that long ago Cloudvii, they just dont hold with replying, they seem to have an automatic answering method implemented, all the mails that I got were 'copies' and i got tired and never tried it again, last tried - during June of this year.

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Konami didn't use to be like that until the PS2 age. They were fairly kind about replies. I remember sending them a letter about "Metal Gear Solid". It came back and answered some if not all my questions. Last year, was writing a report about the Suikoden series and it's effect in RPG's. Automated. It was really disappointing. The strange thing was when sent to the JP email acccounts I did recieve a non-automated reply.

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Although I don't like to dissapoint someone here, but well I got a reply ^_^.
But I think like Otrivion said, it's just an automatic reply. And even if it's not, it got my hopes down : /

Here is the mail I recieved :


RE: I wonder if you are reading these kinds of letters (#8463-30394980-0373) Inbox

Square Enix Customer Support
to me
More options 8:13 pm (24 minutes ago)
Thank you for contacting the Square Enix Customer Support,

We appreciate your positive feedback regarding our games. We cherish the continued support from our customers and look forward to hearing your remarks regarding our upcoming games. We regret to inform you that we do not have any kind of access to any of the information you have requested at this time. Nor do we have any information on what other resources might have that information.

Square Enix Customer Support
[email protected]


Well I didn't expect a reply anyway. But that wasn't good either ;) . So I still stick up with my questions after all.

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being as vague as they are in their response, i'd definetly have to say its automated. send them an angry email and see if there's still the "positive feedback" part.

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Yeah maybe they got smart automated mail services which are looking for special words :p

Like : "Good/bad" put the "thx for feedback part" :p
And "?" or "I have some questions" put the "We couldn't find what you are looking for" part :rolleyes:

I've thought of sending a mail with content like "Blah blah blah questions blah blah good game" and see if i can get the same letter. But well that'd be very noobish to say the least. The best thing to do is to forget about it ;) .

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Cloud, like I had said even major sites with passports don't get deep information. Unless, ur a highly qualified JP site or even a FFXI site you won't get too many replies. The only reason FFXi gets email or written replies is it's staff is a different style setup than Square's normal games.

Look on the bright side, least they know you cheerish there games.

As for Square-X wouldn't surprise me..

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dooh... anyone was thinking about writing petition to Namco regarding implementation of net play in tekken5? that would be awesome stuff, especially that T5 is last instalment of series... (and since I have imported T5 from US I don't want to buy Pal version which has only 50/60 hz switch :( )

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The reason you won't get a reply is not because they don't care about their fans, its because the people who manage the inboxes probably don't know the first thing about games. You should also keep in mind that big companies like that cycle through employees fast as well, so even if the mail people did know some of the answers they probably won't know about old games because they were hired after their release. Do you really think they hire game-buffs to watch the inboxes and teach them to know all the games they've made like the back of their hand? I doubt it. Not to sound offensive, but I think you guys expect too much.

Having said that, I did try contacting Square-Enix through their live chat service 6 months back. As I predicted, the guy that answered me knew nothing of the game.

Oh well.

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Yesterday, I found an old interview made by Game Pro for the developers of Chrono Cross. Which had some fans questions too.

It had some of my questions answered but mainly this one got my attention :

"Is there any connection between Guile in CC and Magus in CT? Both use black magic, have purple hair, and float. The only difference that I can tell is their dress and the fact that Guile uses a staff. I was thinking that they could both be different adult versions of Janus (from CT). Of course, it's been a while since playing CC, so I could be totally wrong. There are some other character connections (I.E. Frog and Glenn) but Guile and Magus raises the most questions. Thanks for the great game.

Freight Train [email protected]

Masato Kato: To let the cat out of the bag, in the early stages of development, Guile was indeed meant to be Magus. In our original plan, the true identity of Guile was supposed to be Magus after the events in Trigger. (At the end of Trigger, Magus [a.k.a. Janus in Trigger and Magil in Radical Dreamers] disappeared into a Time Gate to go searching for his big sister, Schala, who was lost somewhere in time.) However, as the game's development progressed and we decided to use such a huge number of playable characters, we decided not to make him be Magus. We thought it was impossible to portray the relationship between Magus and Schala adequately in this game. So we changed tracks, made the colors of the Magus character design paler, and turned him into Guile, the magician. In a way, it's a pity, as I really would like to have seen the valiant figure of Magus come to life again."

Beside that's completely stupid they ruined their own story and eleminating such very important part of the storyline to keep the great number of stupid character roster, that interview is really cool.

I thought I have to share it with you :

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that has to be the stupidest thing ever done by square. Magus was one of the best characters in CC because of his natural magic use and down to earth character style. But to remove him from the game for a big roster of douche bags is really stupid. Its hard to get attached to a million characters at one time. Remember Suikoden? I only remember Gremio...
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