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Originally posted by Metalmurphy
"- Fixed some gte problems."

WTF is the gte!?!?! sorry for my ignorance but i really don't know... :p
It's easiest to start with a quote :-
The Geometry Transformation Engine (GTE) is the heart of all 3d calculations on the psx. The GTE has specialised functions for perspective transformations, light sourcing and the like, and is much faster than the CPU on these operations. It is mounted as the second coprocessor and as such has no physical address in the memory of the psx. All control is done through special instructions.
That is from [email protected] document on the GTE.
So basically, the GTE is a chip in the PSX, similar to the CPU, GPU and SPU. In most (all?) PSX emulators, the GTE is part of the main emulator program, with the CPU, and is not a "plugin". I guess the main reason for this is that in itself, it doesn't input/output anything outside of the PSX, so doesn't need special versions to be implemented to take advantage of different output devices (as in GPU's are designed for graphics cards, and SPU's designed for sound cards ... in essence).
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