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DOA2LE Don't work

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When i tried to run this game i had a message like in my screen. What i did wrong? Maybe i didn't make good selfboot image beacouse i didn't saw msinfo value to put
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maybe your using a Japanese game on a pal DC?
Srry i don't wrote that i used nuldc 1.0.3 :p
...That's a normal screen. Keep pressing buttons/waiting.
I've been waiting for about 5 minutes and pressin keys and i still had it;/
It literally translate to:
The game file for DOA2 was created in the memory card in A-1.
Push start button.

So, just press whatever key is mapped to the start button in your setup.
What Gilbot said. Has nothing to do with it being a Japanese game.
Hymm i changed the start button for different and no it works XD. I have another question where can i change fps limit the game is so fast now :p

Oh i found that but graphic look a bit strange for me :D
Ok well if its running too fast disable dynarec inside options/powervr and that should help.If it ts too slow,turn dynarec back on and enable palleted textures to dynamic full and try the other options.that should greatly slow down the game for you.Hope that helps you.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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