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Do you think bleem should release the souce code?

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Do you think bleem should release the source code?

I, like many others bought bleem and felt like we were ripped off. That's a topic I never want to discuss again. But since they have gone under, and I can't see bleem being valuable to them in the future, do you think they should release the source? And, at this point would any emu author care? Would it help further psx emulation at all?

On a side note, I love having psx pads hooked up to my printer port. Whats the story with ziplabel? I understand not continuing a project. But why remove the files? I never want to go back to pc pads again. Do ps2 pads work with direct pad pro? I know there is a driver for windows 2000 but does it work in xp?
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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