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Do you think bleem should release the souce code?

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Do you think bleem should release the source code?

I, like many others bought bleem and felt like we were ripped off. That's a topic I never want to discuss again. But since they have gone under, and I can't see bleem being valuable to them in the future, do you think they should release the source? And, at this point would any emu author care? Would it help further psx emulation at all?

On a side note, I love having psx pads hooked up to my printer port. Whats the story with ziplabel? I understand not continuing a project. But why remove the files? I never want to go back to pc pads again. Do ps2 pads work with direct pad pro? I know there is a driver for windows 2000 but does it work in xp?
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Something open source would be interesting to the emu community...or perhaps if the authors take part in the freeware side of the emu community....

Bleem although not super compatible...gave users the ability to emulate PSX without the use of a PSX BIOS....(Obviously because legal matter would have been far worse if they tried to sell a product using the BIOS)...Imagine how Bleem would have been if the BIOS was actually used.... Or how they could expand their program so that the bios is not needed.....Freeware or open source gives them these abilities.

They did an amazing job porting Bleem to Dreamcast....Imagine what can be done open source on consoles as well.....

The downfall is that it's not profitable...but from their experiences they took losses anyways..

In saying that..Randy and the other Bleem programmers owe us nothing...We may have spent a few dollars for a remarkable program for it's time ...but...most also saved all the cost of an actual PSX ($199 at the time)..and with additional features...

Never take for granted that these Emulation authors give up their personal time to code for our enjoyment..and for what?
To satisfy their own desire to know it can be done
To gain thanks to those whom appreciate their accomplishments
To bear the complaints of lamers who are never satisfied

Just a rant.....moving on..........
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