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Hello people of NGEMU furom.
I come in peace, please dont flare me spare my soul!!
O well seriously to the topic now :wave:

I have my system OC'ed but i'm having occasional freezes,
Shutdowns, "OVERCLOCK FAILED" messeges when i boot
and the last time i checked my pc froze when i tried making a movie using FRAPS.
So most of the time my pc performs really good and better than before,
but i'm having these annoyences wich make me worry my pc
will suddenly die on me.

The wierd thing is all i did was a 29mhz (29*14) bus speed oc which sould be possible even at stock voltage but i had to pump up the voltage to 1.65.

So my question is do you overclock?
is your oc 100%stable?
Would a stock voltage oc prevent harming the cpu?
and if you dont oc, why is that?

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Keith said:
Yeah I overclock my main system and my other spare the kids use.

Main one is a AMD Athlon 64 Winchester 3200+ (stock is 2.0 GHz) overclocked @ 2.5 GHz.

The other is an AMD Athlon XP 2400+ (stock is 2.0 GHz) overclocked @ 2.2 GHz which as Chris said not much of a difference where there is little gain, but just never bother clocking it back down to stock.

Both systems 100% stable.
I'm sure that with the 3200+ @ 2.5 you see alot of difference.
You can almost rate it like an FX-55.
How much did you up the voltage on that one
and do you think it's killing the cpu
or it's gonna keep on working like a stock cpu?

Mr. Killjoy said:
Overclocking my GF2 is pretty useless, OCing my 6800 helped it frying
(due to higher power requirements, on a 300 PSU :p)
Too bad you didnt invest in a good psu, most 6800nu are able to unlock the pipelines
and acheive 6800GT/U speeds.
But the funny thing is overclocking your GF2
will show you how GF4 came to the world ;]

refraction said:
im guessing your stock speed is 200*14 (2.8ghz) yeh?
well 29 mhz is a LOT when you are on a x14 multiplier, about 400mhz extra, youd be better off trying to drop your multiplier down a bit.

BUT having said that, it might be too much for your RAM or CPU to handle, a more sensible overclock would be 215, that will give you an extra 200mhz.

i really suggest DDR500 RAM or faster for that type of overclock, and a good motherboard.
Yeah my stock is 14*200 on my P4 2.8GHZ HT.
The thing is i'm not sure if lowering the multiplier is possible with my cpu or ASUS P4P800 mobo.
And 400mhz is quite a bit with amd cpus (3200+ 2.0 @ 2.4 3800 which is alot)
but with intel chips 400mhz is better but not that much of a performence boost from my stock speed =\
and as a matter of fact i have DDR500 and i hoped i will reach 250 fsb which is 700mhz increase
but i realized in a short while i hit a wall @ 229 and even that's not 100% stable as well.

The thing is i'm considering to buy a new pc with an AMD ATHLON 64.
And i'm having a hard time deciding wether overclocking it or not.
cause i want a 100% stable non hiccuping / freezing pc which will be a long lasting rig
and a great bang for the buck.

So an opinion on air overclocking amd athlons is very welcom

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Silvestre said:
i OC my AMD 64 3500+ to 2700MHz (300MHzx9). It's super stable and has never given any lock-up and such...a 500MHz surely is a nice boost and i can see the difference. This Clawhammer is pretty much a nice OCer, but seems like the new Venice has quite some potential too...way better OCer than the prev. Winchester. 512KB L2 Cache, however, is pretty much boring for i think i'm going to get a San Diego 3700+ and clock it to 3GHz stable :D
Damn good overclock ;)
which bios settings are you using?

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Damn i see most ppl in here do oc
can't be that bad if everybody does it =D

silvestre - nice oc, close to fx-57 rating. good luck with the 3700+ ;]

And just a question..
Anybody here got their MOFSETS cooled?
i've got a hunch they'r the reason i hit a wall.
Or maybe i need active cooling on my nb?
cause the voltage is ok even too high (1.65)
and even though i'm on stock cooling it's not that hot.
i think my cpu can do a lil' bit more.
anybody any idea?

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Silvestre said:
it's actually not bad at all...the key of OCing is a sufficient Cooling System...Seriously, your chip age won't really be shortened by doing OC, but it's how you cool it that matters...As long as you cool it sufficiently, no matter how high you OC a chip, it won't really be dead in, perhaps, couple of months or it's actually okay and say, if a chip were supposed to last like for 10yrs, i wouldn't really mind shorthening it to 5yrs by doing OC :D I have no plan of keeping it for 5yrs anyway...hehehhe...still, i don't recommend everybody to OC like hell, OK?! (I just don't want anybody saying ****ty things if i say "I have no plan of keeping it for 5yrs anyway" :D)

Mosfet cooling is quite needed if you OC with a pretty high voltage...but i don't really know how high is too high for your CPU in particular (Intel in general :D)...i'd suggest you to try to give some cooling and see if it does bring more room for your OC...but like you said, it wasn't that could be unnecessary
btw, seems like that A-DATA uses TCCD chips...which aren't that good to be paired with's such a shame to have such nice mem which are actually rated to run @250MHz running @ 'only' 229MHz (some people do consider that pretty good though's quite relative anyway)...AFAIK, people OC Intel procs by changing the multi...but maybe it's not applicable to your i don't know too much bout Intel chips...i've always been playing with AMD Procs so far...XP-Mobile, Winnie 3000+, 3200+ and now Clawhammer 3500+...oh well...sorry...
Well my result of oc'ing is an unstable pc, so i dont know about good or bad. Maybe i just did something wrong.
If I manage to get my system stable with this oc by better cooling i will definetly even oc future systems.

I don't really know about TCCD but it's kinda rare to get that version and I dont think I even have it.

One thing is for sure, I really envy you with your nice stable oc over there :wub: :lol:

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>>>As you probably know not all cards/processors etc like to overclock. Or overclock very high for that matter. You could try better cooling, or do some research on your cards/processors and find out if other people have had the same problems when trying to overclock.

Yeah I know, but I saw other people getting much better results with the same setup as mine. VR-Zone OC database. But I'll rsearch for ppl who got the same problems, thats a good idea thanx.

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>>>I think of unlocking the 4 extra pipelines in my Radeon 9800se, which is possible and has been tested already.

Unlocking the 4 extra pipelines is very successful for most people and it really gives a great performence boost, you should unlock them fast :)

>>>Also I want to get a DC @ 240 or 280 mhz one day, and yes, that IS possible

I never heard of a DC, is it some kind of core? maybe you meant sd?(san diego)

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This maybe a dumb question but is highering the fsb and lowering the multiplier considerd oc?
if no its good for memory bandwidth use :]
(without having to worry about warrenty...)

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Have a lil' question about my gfx card
I dont oc it, it's on stock voltage and it's a leadtek 6800GT with the huge heatsink
my temps idle @ 65~ which is kinda high high for all the cooling + a big case and 3 fans but anyhow it never goes above 85
do these temps kill the card? or can a cpu oc effect the GFX card?
I'm asking cause i wanna know if my card is in a good condition and if it's safe to sell
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