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VRiD said:
Hello people of NGEMU furom.
I come in piece, please dont flare me spare my soul!!
O well seriously to the topic now :wave:

I have my system OC'ed but i'm having occasional freezes,
Shutdowns, "OVERCLOCK FAILED" messeges when i boot
and the last time i checked my pc froze when i tried making a movie using FRAPS.
So most of the time my pc performs really good and better than before,
but i'm having these annoyences wich make me worry my pc
will suddenly die on me.

The wierd thing is all i did was a 29mhz (29*14) bus speed oc which sould be possible even at stock voltage but i had to pump up the voltage to 1.65.

So my question is do you overclock?
is your oc 100%stable?
Would a stock voltage oc prevent harming the cpu?
and if you dont oc, why is that?
yes i do, i oc lower quialty models of the a64 to get more for less. i see why spend this much on a higher model when you can just overclock the lower model into the higher model.

thats why u overclock.
1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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