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Of those, the only I'm pretty sure about is Tales of Phantasia. It is made by Namco, the same company who made Tales of Destiny. Tales of Destiny was released first and made it over here (the USA) but did not do as well as Namco had hoped. So they never sent Tales of Phantasia or the 3rd one (can't remember what the name is) over. I have heard that Tales of Destiny may have some problems w/the current version of ePSXe, but it runs fine in Adripsx. So I would assume that Tales of Phantasia should work in at least one of the emulators.

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I can verify that Tales of Phantasia works to almost perfect compatability. The only thing I can't get to work is the blending of colors before a battle (when everything swirls around) even w/FVP on and set to emulated vram with Pete's plugins.
I can also say that Tobal 2 works to a considerable degree. Quest mode is kind of buggy (nothing shows but the text box when you talk) and it runs <b>really</b> slowly.
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