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Do resident evil 2 and 3 work fine on epsxe?

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In anticapation for RE4 I decided to rekindle my love for the resident evil games by buying 2 and 3 for the playstation. I already ordered them, but I was just wondeirng if they will run fine using epsxe on my pc? And if anyone has good configs for these two games please share :)
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We recently completed both games on ePSXe with no problems.
There are some screen flashes that may occur on the outside borders of MDEC cutscenes, but doesn't ruin the cutscenes (Just mentioned if your picky). Some battles / scenes may be slow depending on your graphics card and plugin

In Resi 2
Battle with big arse alligator
In Resi 3
Just the initial explosion scene from what we recall
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