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Do my eyes decieve me?!

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$165 for a vanilla 6800!?! I think I'll pick one up!
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.. Nope. Retail.

They're out of the PNY card now.. the cheapest 6800 is the Leadtek, at $188. I'll probably buy this one some time mid next week. Hopefully I'll get a card that will unlock without artifacts..
At these prices i'd make a good machine saving lota money
I'd not be disapointed getting pieces at that prices
I hope to pick up one in the future

w00t, they got the $188 Leadtek card back up. :) I'll be getting it and a TwinMos 1GB PC3200 kit which supposedly is capable of PC4000 @ 2-2-2-5, all for about $294, just under my $300 limit. (I <3 being a service clerk) :p

MM: those are definitely not related to the drivers, per se. More like Via's crappy AGP driver. Tried the latest Hyperion driver set (they say they fixed the GART issues..)
Congrats cool,you now have a summer job?
Ya, I've had a job for a month or so now.. pretty good time-occupier, and it pays me. ;p
uh oh watch out, cooliscool has a job! newegg is gonna be happy about that :p
hushypushy said:
uh oh watch out, cooliscool has a job! newegg is gonna be happy about that :p
Heh, totally. :guitar:
I'm happy with my 6600GT, but that is a good price for a regular 6800...especially if you can unlock it. I only have one problem with my card though. No matter what screensaver I use, it randomly freezes. Didn't start till I got the new card. Good thing is that it doesn't do it fast. The screensaver usually has to be on for a while.
Don't bottleneck your PC but a 6800!? well I guess you can buy that then upgrade your RAM next...
Metalmurphy said:
Well i dunno, mine is filled with problems. All chached bitmaps (like windows desktop and some games) are all currupt, i had to manually edit driver .inf file so that it woudlnt use chached bitmaps. I almost need a diferent driver for each game. I have many BSOD when certain "effects" appear in games. Random lockups. Been a nightmare. But when it works it works perfectly :p
I'd be inclined to say that is a hardware problem, but you may have oc'ed your card or used some third-party drivers. One thing I have learned using my 6800GT is to never, ever, use third party drivers. They worked great on my old Ti4200, but not this card. I dont need the extra performance anyway since the only bottleneck I have is my cpu since its only 1.8 ghz and I cant oc it.
Nah im using official drivers, even the ones that came with the card have that problem, and acording to nvidia forums there are lots of ppl with similiar problems with the 6xxx series. And apperently theres also some incompatibilities with my mb via drivers.
Metalmurphy said:
I would probably sell mine at that price as well... so many damn problems. Nvidia drivers suport for the 6xxx series is just damn horrible.

Hmmm? Never had problems with mine. oO Drivers worked like a charm
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