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cooliscool said:
Well they have an XFX 6800 for $219 so I guess I'll be getting that.. or maybe an AOpen Aeolus 6600GT for $158 and some RAM.

If you're still running 512 Megs of memory you'd be better off getting a 6600GT + more memory. IMO anyway. 512 is kinda stretching it and I havent been totally satisfied with 1 gig in EQ 2 or WoW.

Metalmurphy said:
Well i dunno, mine is filled with problems. All chached bitmaps (like windows desktop and some games) are all currupt, i had to manually edit driver .inf file so that it woudlnt use chached bitmaps. I almost need a diferent driver for each game. I have many BSOD when certain "effects" appear in games. Random lockups. Been a nightmare. But when it works it works perfectly :p

Sounds more like hardware problems than driver problems too me.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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