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Do all you Win2k Voodoo users want new drivers

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I shall provide

These are the Win 9x 1.04.00 WHQL Voodoo 5 drivers hacked to work with win2k and hacked to work with voodoo 3/4/5 and then optimized by omegadrive. Give em a try. Tell me what you think. I can convert pretty much any driver set you want so let me know if you want a specific one.
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Come on guys try them and post benchmarks so far the people at like them as they perform really well in Direct X8. I have had similar results. So try them and lets see what you get.
hey i have a voodoo3 and using winme, but if you can hack a voodoo5 driver for all of voodoo3, 4 and 5 in Win2k, can you do the same for win9x?

would it make any difference? like a voodoo5 driver for voodoo3 in win9x, rather than the official voodoo3 driver?
Thats already done by omega drive he does that
>as they perform really well in Direct X8
Are they stable? If you've achieved any degree of stability (as compared to RC1) I'd give them a try.

They are as stable as the 1.04.00 release for win9x as that is what they are, just hacked to work with win2k. I use them my self and they work with every game I have.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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