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I have several games that require disk swapping...such as GTA London 1969, Colony Wars, etc.

It would be nice to be able to swap disks without having to back out to the ePSXe GUI. Like, F12 to swap or somesuch. Especially on GTA London where you have to swap twice every time you play the game.

I looked in the ePSXe readme and help file, googled, and searched these forums. No luck.

Is there an undocumented hotkey for that, or was nothing like that ever implemented?


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yeah, it was never implemented. i dont think anyone has even thought of it before you, to be honest. (and if they have....they never let it out onto the internet, at least where i could read it. if someone posts a link, i could be proved wrong in an instant though :rolleyes: ) it's an interesting idea, although, it wouldnt work with ISOs. to switch ISOs you'd have to change the file in the virtual drive, or change the ISO file...which would require more than a hotkey :p (unless you programmed it to add a number to your game...i.e. FF9 CD1, press a button and it looks for FF9've started a brainstorm :p ).

at any rate, you should submit your idea (via email or PM) to the devs. ePSXe, you are unlikely to get anything implemented at the rate it's moving. talk to Xeven though, he could possibly throw it into a PSXeven WIP. if you know japanese (doubtful, eh?), talk to the SSSPSX team im sure they could put it into a release soon.
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