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Hi, i am using

Amd xp 2000
512 ddram
80 gb harddisk
128 mb geforce 5200
Benq 16x dvdrw

What plugins and settings should i use for disgaea to get the best speed? I know i will not get a playable speed with my crappy pc, but how to make it show something? Just want to know how my favourite game look on the emulator. I meddle around but only get a black screen after i click run cd.
Or only certain bios works ?

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May I note, if you had bothered to search, you would of found this information:

(Specs in SIG)

Disgaea - Hour of Darkness [SLUS 20666] (U)

Fastest Settings (for most other games to)
  • CPU Mode: eeREC or if available vuREC.
  • GSdx - For 6xxxx cards PShader 2.0, for cards bellow, PShader 1.4 - D3D Mode NOT Software
  • SPU2null (This is generally faster, and P.E.Op.S crashes with this game)
  • Console OFF
  • Use the nonDEV build (DEVbuilds contain debug stuff you won't need).
  • Other Settings are negligable
  • Be patient, there can be a 'significant' Delay before this game boots with anything visable.

I normally can achieve 26-31 FPS.

Make sure you have the latest drivers for your system, and obviously keep background programs to a minimal, normally I just use AldosCapture for screen grabbing, as it saves having to have an art program in the background.

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gsdx9 0.8 sse2 pixel shaders 1.4 is the best
cpu recompileur+vurec
I don`t think he can use gsdx9 sse2 because he has an athlon xp 2000+ (which doesn`t have sse2 instructions set). Just use the normal version (gsdx9 0.8) with pixel shaders 1.4, of course.
Also, he can`t use vurec (again, because he doesn`t have sse2), and there isn`t really a need to use it. Disgaea is a 2D game, and 2D games work best in Recompiler without vurec (only 3D games get more speed if you use vurec).
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