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Hello there.
I just bought the Multi Tap/Multiple Pad adapter for PSX to be able to use 4 pad/4 player games in my Playstation.
The Multi Tap works perfectly in Playstation, like Fifa 2002, NBA 2002, etc.
And I have a Playstation Pad adapter/connector for my PC to be able to use a Playstation gamepad on PC.
The connector use the parallel port to connect the Psx pad, besides that it have a gameport jack and a wire/cable for using the 9v AC adaptor to use the Dual Shock forcefeedback in a game like Need for Speed III.
I don't know the use of Gameport jack, but if i unplug it from the gameport the analog won't work.
I'm using the DirectPad Pro driver in my Win 98SE and it works perfectly in all games even in emulator games without some prob at all.Even the Force Feedback work.
Now that i want to use 2 psx controller at once on my PC, so i'm using the Multi Tap for 4 PSX controller i just bought on my Playstation Pad connector for PC (actually i bought it just to be able to use 2 PSX gamepad on my PC using that 4 contoller Multi Tap interface for PSX).
And i'm attaching 2 psx gamepad on that 4 slot Multi Tap in slot 1 for psx gamepad 1 and slot 2 for gamepad 2.
And then i add a second directpad pro controller on the control panel using id no:2.
The problem is that only 1 contoller that i attach to the first controller slot (out of 4 slot)in the Multi Tap is working.The second controller that i attach to the second slot Multi Tap won't work or response at all.
Now that I'm really confused right now cos in the DirectPad Pro Advanced properties there's an option for the PSX MegaTap
Multiple interface, so it should have work.
I don't know what's wrong at all and why just 1 controller is working ??? In theory it should have work, even my Dance Pad for Dance2 Revolution is working using this Playstation Pad connector for PC.
Does somebody know what's wrong and find a solution for this problem ???
I appreciate any feedback or comment from u all.
Really need some help.
Thanks in advance.
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