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DirectDraw Colour fixer for Windows Vista/7

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I need a list of game executable names to help a friend prepare an app that will fix the colour issue on 256 colour DirectDraw games.

So far we've got

"Warcraft II BNE.exe",

what this app does is detect the afflicted games executable name when launched and suspends all threads running in explorer.exe.. the same thing can be achieved with process explorer. This prevents explorer from interfering with the apps palette on the next cycle and restores perfect colours.

So if anyone knows of any other affected 256 colour titles, please post them here
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Nice to hear that, add then:

"brave_s.exe" (Brave Soul)

and do tell when the app is finished ^^.
hmm not sure if this would count but i do have color issues when i go fullscreen in O.H.R.R.P.G.C.E. but window mode is fine
Lasnap, give us the file name plz :p
and yeah, windowed mode is fine for most of these games.
game.exe is the proccess name
Wouldn't it be better to just allow to add more executables?
in the future, sure.

no reason not to have a base support list....
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