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I use latest official pcsx2 + xbox 360 controller with the SSSPSX PAD plugin pressure mod 1.6.0

I configured it entirely and the game doesn't allow movent with the so called D pad but only with analog sticks...

now my charachter only moves left and right... it can't move up or down.
I tried it over and over again and
LX i pressed left analog stick to the left (says J0_Axis0)
LY i pressed left analog stick to the right (says J0_Axis0)
RX i pressed left analog stick up (says J0_Axis4)
RYi pressed left analog stick down (says J0_Axis4)

Only LX and LY seem to work...

What can I do to make it work?

I can't play the game without moving with analog sticks...


(EDIT I played around some more and i think RX RY moves the camera... in the game.. lX and LY are to move left and right... where the hell is up and down then? -_- or am i missing something?)
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