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Hey guys, i got a problem with Digimon World 2003 on ePSXe.

For them who play this game, im now at the ametarasu server (the black one) or better explained i killed bulbmon.

Now im on the other server.. I played a bit there.. then.. i had a fight.. and my screen looks like this now all the time.. Map change doesnt solve the problem.. Using an item etc doesnt either..

Heres a screenshot of this:

My Graphic Plugin and Details:

Hope you guys can help me.. Would be very nice cuz i love this game very much and i never played it to the end..

Oh.. by the way.. i tried 2 different versions of the Game.. one NTSC and one Multi Language Version.. if this helps..

Thanks in advance guys, i count on you!

Edit: gpu pete D3D doesnt work either.. it always freezes when i go to a new area.. and then i have to restart my computer..
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