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Anyone knows what plugin or what settings to run the game properly? Here are the issues I'm having with my plugin of choice and the 2 Core plugins:

Pete's OpenGL2 Driver 2.9: whenever you enter a battle (and the intro movie) the screen becomes squished horizontally on stretching modes 1 and 2. On stretching modes 0 and 3 the game is stretched horizontally all the time (as usual for those modes on a widescreen monitor, but tried them regardless of course, and mentioning it to say those modes are not a solution for me). (EDIT: fixed the stretching mode numbers, wrote 1-4 rather than 0-3)

Pete's OpenGL2 GPU Core 2.0.0: same as above, with the added problem of not respecting the FPS limit. Limiting the game manually to 60 FPS still makes it overshoot noticably at times (80+ FPS).

ePSXe GPU Core 2.0.0: having an option of forcing 4:3 aspect ratio definitely fixes the squishing problem, but it has the same FPS problem as above. On top of that, screens move very jerky.

All 3: if this is the only problem I don't mind, but they all enter the battle screen noticably slower (longer sitting on a black screen when moving from the dungeon screen to the battle screen). I know the game is on its own already pretty slow, but on ePSXe it's about 1.5-2x slower than it should be (compared it to make sure).
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