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Digimon World 2 - HUD in Domains are broken

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Hey, kinda new here.

I'm using Pete's OpenGL2 plugin and for some reason, the HUD while navigating domains is somewhat broken. For exmaple, the "floor" title (Disk Domain 3F for example) has broken lines of green & black running through them, same with HP/EP display, but the status screen/digi-browser runs fine, same with save screen and 3d render targets. I'll try to get a screen shot asap, along with my plugin config. Any ideas what could be causing this?

P.S. How would I ePSXe to run at 75 FPS and play at regular speed? Right now if I increase the fps the music & game plays faster, but smoother. Anyway to get it to play at the same speed but have the "smoothness" of 75 fps?
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indeed, consoles are clockgened to the FPS.

fps increases, everything does with it.
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