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I use ePSXe 1.70 with latest peter's plugins.
OS:Windows xp sp3.

The game is perfect i played this game several years ago on my playstation. so no problem with the disc.

The game works fine, though there is one problem with SHOPPING!

Whenever i buy for example a "wristwatch" or a "cd player"
I can't seem to use the gifts in the dungeons it will say no gifts to use!

Altough right after buying it, it says in the same screen i have 1 unit of it.
But then again when i go to sell screen or inventory screen there is no sign of a wristwatch or cd player. I know i really bought it, money decreased...

When i go to parts vendor and buy for example a Lion EG-1 or a Minesweep and go to the digi-beetle mechanic to compile my digi-beetle with the new parts i bought, they DON'T appear on the list.

So basically to sum it up Whenever i buy items I don't appear to have them!

Did i miss something? I really want to know!

BTW i have this same problem on my real playstation i tested it right after....
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