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Hi , sory for any inconvenient , but i m having problem with the game , its fine at the beginning while i played digigmon3 but when i played until the dum dum factory part , i get rubbish( i believe thats what you called it , likea blue square thingy ) appearing at my screen , and it hang whenever i finish a battle , it just hang at the exp screen , anyone please help , i just digivolve a few megas . please reply .thx .

My com spec are :
AMD Athlon (tm) 64X2Dual
COre Processor 4600+
2.4ghz , 1.93 gb of Ram

I m using :

Plugins Pete OpenGLS Driver 2.9
epsxe spu core 1.7.0

and the config:
color depth : 32
INerternal x,y resolution : 1
Texture filtering : 0
Hi res textures : 0
i m using fps limit and its at 200
Off screen drawing : 1-ok for most games

framebuffer effects : 1 - emulates most frame texture effects

framebuffer upload : 1 - standard - upload detected areas

Screen filtering : on

and i also have
GF4 / winxp crash fix on too

sorry if this is abit draggy
cuase i m kinda new to this forum thgy

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post a screen shot of this glitch you are referring to.
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