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Ok, I just got the PS1 Emulator and I been playing Chrono Cross a game I beat like millions of times on the regular system I did this to test the disc change function and figure it all out.

I have tried the Esc, File, Disc Change, Load ISO <Disc 2> But once I get there I get nothing but a black screen. I can't figure how to modify the memcard or sstate to switch to the second disc.. I have read through the forums and tried what attempts I have read though I have not finish them all none seem to work..

After I figure this I can then start on other games to do it... And saving on memcard before switching to two just wants me to insert disc 1...

MY Configs are:
Video: Pete's OpenGL Driver 1.76
Sound: ePsxe SPU core 1.7.0
CdRom: ePsxe CDR WNT/W2K core 1.7.0
Bios: SCPH1001.bin
I run out of Windows XP
I use a controller for this but it works fine so I don't think that stuff matters.

Please Help I am getting this set for my family and friends... Trying to set up for the kids to....
Appreciate any help.

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do the swap on a previous version of epsxe or have the game running off the disc. what you are encountering is a bug of sorts in 1.7.0 that usually occurs when you attempt to change from one disc image to another.
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