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Difference between reference and pointers.

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I tried to search the web but I am kinda having difficulty in finding some "basic" difference between these two in layman terms.


int A;
int *pA;
pA = &A;


int A;
int &rA = A;

So what?

A is the name of the address of 2 bytes reserved in memory for integer type.
pA is the pointer which contains the address of A.
So what would rA be?
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In C++, references are implicit pointers. Basically, when passing a reference, the receiving function has only a copy of the value in the address passed. The value in the original function cannot be manipulated by anything but its originating function. So it's like a "safer" but less versatile pointer. If you want a detailed read on when to use which, try this.

In C, there are only pointers.

In Java, there are only references.
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