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Did they fix the "line" issue in FF9

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I know I'm not the only having this problem.. it doesnt effect the game but annoying to look at. I thought it was fix but I havent played it in a while. You know what I mean..on the right half side, it's like the screen overlaps slightly or something.. I was just wondering.. good day. =]
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Could you possibly post a screenshot or something? I don't have problem with FF9 at all...
jinn probably it's not the game...couse i got the same issue for legend of dragoon, and i fixed it with the plugin conf
Is it the filtering thing? If so, you have no choice but to turn bilinear filtering to the ones without sprites.
I noticed that this is effect is very obvious when play FMV.. not so when actually playing the game. I would like to know what kind of setting to use to get rid of it, it's not a big deal if it cant be done.

And I agree with bardack that it's not just in FF9.. other games exhibit this glitche too.

BTW I'm using Pete GPU 1.52 in D3D mode of course.
Have you tried turning Bilinear Filtering to "Extended w/o Sprites"?
Try to turn the framebuffer textures: "1 black" or "0 emulater vram"
May be!!:D
yer cd mite need to be cleaned, buddy
CD is clean m8 =]

Oh well.. it seems to go away using the Opengl plugin.. so I'm sticking with that.

Everythings running great except for the fact when I enable 4xFSAA, it drops to like 4fps during the swirl effect. HAHAHAHA thats expected though.. slow ass gts card. =]

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