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Diablo 2 Expansion Screen Shots.

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Post yer best pic or best char or item in here. :) I wanna trade.
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The shining character is me. Cpal is my clan name and it means b**** in my language. :) And #145 is my friend on the ladder.
Off to off-topic software. Everyone cheats in this game. -_-
The power of my Goldstrike bow. :)
No 1 cheats...there used to be a hack in the trading window but now its fixed. Only newbies fell for that hack.

This is the power of Barbarian using charged bolt on my friend. He killed me in a hit after this. :(
I should go in the Guiness book of world record for the higest ping in the world. :) I got this picture 5 minutes ago, And I have DSL connection. :(
They have plenty worse cheats than that...
This is the true beauty of diablo. I luv it when its dark with all the colors blending. I died a minute after because my golem (the red ugly looking monster) didnt want to help me and ran away.
The bottom 2 pictures are in 3d.
People cheat a lot. I dont think its fare but we cant do anything about it. They just are mean!!! I seen a readme of one of the file because I wanted to cheat too. :) every one does...but It was very complicated. Needs perfect timing and at least 2 or more computers with fast connections.

This is a screen shot of my in ladder.
Ack, just realized this was a screenshots thread. Ergo I'm moving it to screenshots.
I love Diablo 2 but it simply doesn't work with my GeForce 2 :((( I used to play it on my ol' Savage 4 ;)
Yea. It has weird things on Geforce 2 when you play on d3d. It lags a lot and has problems most of the time.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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