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Dexdrive converting problems.... i think

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I've downloaded several Dexdrive save games for FFVII and after converting the to Europe and to ePSXe MemoryCard only a few saved games worked.... know, is this normal or did I do something wrong???
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This would be normal. eg the game had a bug in the jap version and the fix resulted in a different memory card layout then unless the editor was coded for this it would be unable to convert them.
heres my FF7 memory card 4 u
it has 11 savegames all worknin in our sweet country (ehem, portugl :D) including a save from the debug room in FF7 and lots of other ones.
i also got the dexdrive saves in USA but when u change them in sav game edit u gotta change the G. ID and product Code too :)
anyway, all of these work :)
Many thks Neojag!! The debug room is one that I wanted... how do u know the code to convert the saved games?

Thks again :D
I do a savegame w/ Final Fantasy VII and check the code w/ save game edit ;)
did the mem card worked?
iv got a cool FF8 one too if u want
Sure!! send them over :p :p
Thks again... Neojag.... when u see me at IRC warn me... I need to talk to u...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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