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Devil May Cry [SLPM 65038] (J)

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Beta Date: 03 May 05
Conditions Tested Under:

GSsoft (16 04 05)
SPU2 NullDriver [comp too slow to try with sound]
PADwinKeyB (12 12 2004)
Linuz Cdvdiso 0.5
USA v01.60 bios

Thanks to CKemu's help with patch, DMC full version now goes ingame too... :thumb:
The 3D is displayed only with gssoft, but the output window is full of 'Out of Fifo's' errors... and the capcom-games 'double display bug' is there...
Memcard & subtitle text is completely wrong so better disactivate it in option menu...

Noticed how the camera angles & characters modeling (Trish :wub: ) is better compared to the trial version??

Patch file included...

In game
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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