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Detonator 4 v21.83 released

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Get them at nVIDIA's web site!
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already? tought they's took sum more time :) thks dude, ill be gettin these right away even if they work best for G3s ;)
what do they mean with windows xp / windows 2000 drivers and other drivers for windows xp 64 bit. I thought windows xp was built with 64 bit.
Help! I tried installing the Detonator XP drivers for my TNT2 but it didn't work. So I tried re-installing my old Windows 2000 Detonator drivers but now it won't work. I have to use the default Windows 2000 basic drivers. Can anyone help me?
Try going into safe mode deleting the display adapter (I assume you only have one.) Then go back into "regular windows." It will install a standard driver. Unzip the Det3 drivers to a directory. Goto the device manager (or whatever it is in Win2K) and open up the properties for the generic display device. Update its driver and tell it you want to select the drivers from a certain location. When it asks, just type in the location of the directory that you unzipped the Det3 drivers to. You should be all set then! :)

Get the self extracting zip of the Det3 (12.41) drivers from visiontek. Or by clicking here

Hope this helps! :)
Thanks, the Detonator 3 drivers helped a lot. I had a bit of trouble installing but I finally got it working again. :)
does it have any significant difference over 21.81? how about some 3dmarks(2001)? i'm asking this question coz i have a slow line and was wondering if it was worth the download.
There's only real improvements for GF3 owners.
darn, not even a little for the GTS? hey btw does the 64bit drivers for the XP out-performes the 32bit drivers for win9x?
That's hard to say, but they'll definitely run faster on a P4 :)
too bad i'm using an athlon, damn shouldn't have upgraded so soon... anyway thanks for the info and keep up the good work with those plugins
the 64-bit driver is for windows xp 64-bit(will be released later than home and pro edition...doesn't support compatibility mode)
anyway,this driver is actually meant for people who are having trouble with det21.81 plus it is whql certified
then you mean that another windows xp will be released later ?
oh mine, gonna have to buy that one too ???
what will it be the difference ?
the difference is that winxp 64bit execute commands in 64bit environment as opposed to 32bit in home/pro edition
it is to take advantage of 64bit processor(like intel's itanium)
normal user won't need it i is more geared towards server etc
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