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Hi everyone!

I've tried tu use epsxe 1.7.0 on windows seven. I use the CDROM plugin I've always used and which always worked on win vista and XP, but I hab to user PowerISO as virtual drive.

No, the plugin doesn't detect the two virtual drives I've created!! And I wan't so badly play one more time through FFIX :/

Please help me! If you need any more information, just tell me =)

Thx alot!

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FFIX doesn't need any patch. even if its ripped.

you just need to rip it to a format supporting subchannel data, since you are in a pal region. which is far better then applying patches which tend to screw the data up elsewhere.

if you use Sapu CDR, and install Daemon Tools, that will work fine.

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Daemon Tools Lite 4.30.4 installed fine for me without any hassle. I guess you might need to Run as Administrator or install SPTD prior to main installation.
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