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Hello community,

I am a speedrunner of the game "Destruction Derby 2" for PS1. I have used other emulator platforms with success (ePSXe 1.6 and mednafen 0.9.48). Now I want to switch over to pSX due to faster loading times.

I understand the basics with BIN / CUE / ISO files. The initial problem with this particular game is that it is not provided by a single BIN file, but rather a total of 20 files, consisting of one data track and 19 BIN files containing the soundtracks.

With mednafen it was enough to load the appropriate CUE file that lists all the BIN files and it works great.

Using ePSXe 1.6 was fine by loading the CUE file as well. I had problems getting my PS3 controller to work after I pressed 'X' to skip the intro to get into the main menu. But I just needed to press F5 to disable the digital input and the buttons responded again.

Now, with pSX 1.13, I can not get the game to work correctly. It won't accept the CUE file like the other emulators as it gives me the error message "CD not usable: Failed to open file." .
Just loading the first of the 20 BIN files loads the game, but all soundtracks are gone which is clear since the other 19 BIN files are not recognized.

So since pSX seems to only accept BIN files, I used CDMage to merge all 20 BIN files into one and load this into pSX, but unfortunately the result is the same, it loads the game but there are no soundtracks.

Does anybody have a hint or an idea on what to do to get Destruction Derby 2 (or any other game consisting of multiple BIN files) to work correctly on pSX ?
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