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Desperately seeking help on Valkyrie Profile

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i really want to play Valkyrie Profile, and i know about the Bleem-then VGS method, but my Bleem 1.5b always freezes at some point after the audience with Odin, possibly due to my slow computer.

so i'd really appreciate it if you can send me your old Valkyrie Profile gamesave in the first savepoint of the game, where i can safely use a patched version of VGS. Though i might miss a little bit of the action, it's okay...i dont want to use the gamefaqs saves, they're too late in the game to be of any use.

gamesaves can be sent to: [email protected]
it would be better if you could zip it up so it'd be a lot smaller attachment.

please help this poor amateur gamer. :( pleeeese?

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the gameshark code doesnt work (i think) during that scene with Freya and Lenneth...ive tried. have you? i never got it to work....
thanks sights. :) im almost done with the game now, but i think ill be getting "bad" ending B this first time around...ill use your save to go for ending A.

I almost gave up playing this game....thanks man.
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