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The new version of Desmume is out! Now is 0.9.5.

Almost the entire emulation is rewritten and a lot of new features are added, here the changelog:

0.9.5 introduces an entirely rewritten main emulation loop
This totally changes the timing, and totally breaks old savestates.
The OSX build is now based on the GTK port which is more up-to-date.

Assorted Highlights:
  * synchronous SPU mode to fix	streaming sounds
  * win32: lua engine, path configuration, 7z dearchiving support
 bug: rewrite main emulation loop and cycle accounting, fixes a lot of timings
 bug: add more detailed timing emulation, removes much bogus lag
 bug: rewrite DMA,gxfifo,gxstat; fix many games and no more alternate flush mode
 bug: fix cflash directory support for non-windows and sector-writing
 bug: fix freeze in cart irq
 bug: correctly emulate dma to/from tcm
 bug: fix in thumb LSR carryflag
 bug: fix thumb BX PC switch to arm state
 bug: fix adpcm looping, remove adpcm caching (no longer necessary)
 bug: fixes to swi 3,4,5,8,0x10
 bug: fixes to exmemstat and ipc sync registers
 bug: support new backup commands
 bug: improve bootup bios/firmware emulation steps
 enh: gbaslot: add guitar grip, gbagame flash support, expansion memory pak
 enh: add more powerful antigrain-based drawing library and rewrite OSD system
 enh: ideas-style debugging prints
 enh: most optimizations now SSE instead of SSE2
 enh: more improvements to frameskipping and frame advance/speed controls

 bug: fix backdrop blending with garbage
 bug: fix 256B granularity sprite addressing for sub gpu
 bug: fix obj blending, bmp obj rendering, and some obj window cases
 bug: fix 128-wide captures
 bug: fix 16color BG line buffer overflow
 bug: fix color overflow in capture blending
 bug: fix disp fifo capture
 bug: fix simultaneous vram display and capture via same bank
 bug: fix 3d overflow acknowledge registers
 bug: fix 32bit toon table writes
 bug: change 3d cores to use 18bit color
 bug: fix boxtest (addition overflow!), move clipper to main graphics engine
 bug: fix failure in some cases of polygon clipping
 bug: fix disp3dcnt emulations
 bug: fixes to poly sorting
 bug: fix ogl renderer wireframe support	
 bug: swrast: fix backface culling of nonconvex polys
 bug: swrast: add clear image and scroll emulation
 bug: swrast: add fog emulation
 bug: swrast: fixes to shadow rendering
 bug: swrast: preliminary edge marking, works decent
 enh: swrast: multicore optimization for a few fps speedup
 bug: fix support for multiple gamepads and gamepad hotkeys
 bug: fix mic noise code and load wav instead of raw; effective in more cases
 bug: fix for several sticky and broken hotkeys, and f10 hotkeys
 bug: fixes in ram search, add DTCM and ITCM searching, ...
 bug: fix sound settings vol slider
 bug: recover from missing window -32000 problem
 bug: don't turn on mic unless mic input is enabled
 enh: x64 build type now supported
 enh: side-by-side and single screen view modes, many fixes to window resizing
 enh: choose any gap size by dragging bottom window edge (must be enabled)
 enh: choose a gap color
 enh: import/export no$GBA savefiles directly
 enh: multicore optimization for filters, rotation, OSD
 enh: soundview can now mute channels
 enh: new ioregview
 enh: common commandline system, many arguments shared with linux
 enh: improve map view tool to support more modes
 enh: add "FORCE AS CURRENT" recovery tool for mis-sized savefiles
 enh: add some kind of very small savestate rewinding buffer
 enh: autoframeskip works better
 enh: add Italian translation
 enh: added 2x resizing filters (hq2x, hq2xs, lq2x, lq2xs, 2xsai, supereagle)
                                (scanlines, nearest2x, bilinear)
 enh: alsa microphone support
 enh: hud and osd notification for gtk and cli frontends
 enh: add support for the SSE optimizations
Here is the download: Browse DeSmuME Files on

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Nice update, i spotted a bug. In this version i appear to have wrong colors if my display quality is set to 16 bits.

If i change to 32 bits the colors get fixed, i'm in WinXP Professional with SP2 and latest version of DirectX 9.0.

This emulator is getting awesome and if it gets a nice "full screen" like No$Zoomer it will be more awesome.

Any idea if full screen will be implemented?

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The best DS emulator got another official release. Nice! I've been following the SVNs for a while and I have virtually no problems with this thing. :thumb:

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Great! :D
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