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Report your bugs here.

1. 0.9.1 - Zipped roms not loading from recent roms list.
2. Autodetect does not work on EEProm64K (512kb) (Naruto Path of the ninja DS) Crash error occurs. (workaround- by placing a dummy 64KB file with the same name)
3. Missing Basic Wifi support prevents Pokemon Diamond/Pearl from getting ingame.
4. Megaman ZX Advent - Gets ingame, but Megaman, NPC's and animated objects not visible (Layer missing)
5. LoZ - Phantom Hourglass, fails to boot (U).
6. Auto frameskip is a little overactive, causing jumping and skipping where not needed.
1. Solve at SVN 1847.
2. Solve at SVN 1850.
3. Desmume just support wifi. It can play Castlevania: OoE.
4. Not test.
5. Solve.
6. Solve.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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