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1.Content of the site is the king
What content of your site.You must know what site are you making and how interesting it is........
2.Make easiest to use as possible
Make section of your information to make viewer find easy not put all information in one page -_-'
3.Know who is coming to your site......
This depend on your content.....
4.Use bg color which not hurt people eyes.......
If you use bg color which hurt people who viewing your web
Imagine it no one want stay in your site long.This also mean make text in your site clear fo reading too.
5.Always update your webpage
This is important.You always need something new to make people return to your webpage.......
6.Make your page load fastest as possible
People don't like to wait.Your first page should use 15 sec for loaded all content.
Well that all I know.........
Try on it ;)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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