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Hello everyone! I'm starting to learn how to drive FPV drones and I bought a transmitter called FlySky I6. I saw one guy running one simulator mod in GTA V for thoes and he said you should be able to connect your transmisor into your PC, emulate a Xbox360 controller with this program (he was playing with it and there's a lot of people who does it, so should be possible). The thing is that while the program recognizes the transmitter and I actually can bind the joysticks, they don't bind the right way. It always appears like they're descentered and don't go all the way, making it impossible to play with.
I tried to calibrate it but it's all a giant mess, the joysticks doesen't go in the direction I'm pointing and they also are inverted, so calibrate doesen't seem like an option.
In the beta version of x360ce, when I clicked into Game Controllers, I could saw another gamepad called "Gamepad emulator for Xbox360" (or something like this) wich responded well to the joysticks of the transmitter and seemed to work, but I couldn't find a way to use that "gamepad".
If anyone has any idea of what could I do I would be very gratefull. Thanks for your time!
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