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"Dengeki Gakuen: Cross of Venus" Glitching

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So as I started playing this game with no$gba2.6a with no$zoomer with bios and firmware added to it, I get this weird glitch where the top and bottom screens randomly (sometimes constantly, mostly during screen changes) switch places, so that the touch screen will appear on the top and vice versa. Also, for some reason, the text for the game is always in the right place, so sometimes you see the text box on the bottom of the screen, while the text itself is on the top of the screen. Does anyone know how to fix this bug (if it even can be fixed)? If you need screenshots (we're allowed to provide screenshots, right?) I'd be glad to do so. I don't have any video recording software, so I don't think would be able to help you there.
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Try using any EX. :D
And yes, you can post screenshots. :D
Well I tried a few combinations of the EX options. These are my results from simple visuals.

None: Problem from what I said before
EX0: Nothing changed
EX1: Ditto
EX2: Take a Guess
EX3: Same Deal
EX4: Can't think of any other phrases meaning "same"
EX5: Screens change places constantly now to a flicker >_<

Also, I forgot to mention, but occasionally both screens will show the same thing even though it obviously shouldn't.
Try another emulator. :D
Unfortunately, I don't know any other good ones. Do you have any suggestions?
Desmume 0.9.4 (if you don't have a SSE2 PC, forget it) and Ideas (Sound is bad). :D
Desmume has lagged sound, but the flipping screen problem is mostly fixed. It still flips sometimes, but it's only during loading. Some frames also lag a bit. I guess my computer can't handle it or something. I don't know. Didn't try the other one since you said sound was back. Also, I can't get Desmume's touch screen to work, or is it not supposed to work?

Anyways, if anyone still has troubleshooting advice, I'm still all ears.
It's working, only move the firmware and the Bios apart from the Desmume folder. :D
And for the lag, try using frameskip. :D
Occasionally, try various options for DeSmuME's frameskip setting (I assume you used Auto since the frameskipping may be choppy under 60FPS, so try the other values progressively). The game and sound should now run fluidly.

DeSmuME doesn't require any firmware or BIOS in order to work, so to avoid issues it might be best to disable the use of these files. I'm not sure if this could fix any touchscreen problems, it's also possible that emulation bugs cause such problems :p
I messed around a bit more and I still can't get the touchscreen to work. T_T Something must be wrong with me.

Also framerate changing doesn't help with the sound chopping up.
If you are using a 32bit windows, try using NGZoom.
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