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demul naomi help

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been trying to get naomi .chd files to run on demul. I am having the hardest time doing it. Apparently you need .data files for each game to be zipped up with the .bin file converted from the .chd file. If anyone has a tutorial on this, please post it here. I've tried different sites, youtube, google, everything. No tutorial that works for me.

There is a mame debug way of doing it, but I can't get the games to run on mame to be able to get the encrypt/decrypt files out of the .chd files.

if there is a makaron tutorial , please post it here also.

thanks for any help that can be provided.

ps where can I find the .data files?
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Have you tried my tool?

Granted it hasn't been updated lately to support a full Demul set...or to bypass protection on the Carts for Makaron...but it will get you up and running over all.
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