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Demo.pll Error

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I got ePSXe yesterday and had to download a lot of things just the get the damn thing configured.
I have everything cofigured, so no problems with BIOS or plugins or something...
Whenever I start Delta and press 'Run Game', it load a few seconds but nothing happens.
I can run the BIOS whilst getting the PS-logo....
With Delta, there comes a lot of games like Crash Bandicoot and Dino Crisis etc.
But whenever I open the zip file (that contains the games in it) 'configuration pack 1' , I get the following message ;
Error running ePSXe ; DEMO .ppl not found

Al that trouble to get the damn thing started and now it still doesn't work....
Someone please help me...

Sorry for the big pics...
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that's an optional configuration pack. you need actual discs or isos (rip of discs) to play the game(s)...
unless im missing something.... which wouldn't be surprising as i just woke up 3 times in a row.
So you cant play it directly from your hard drive????
What are al those roms in that list then for???
I'd suggest you to leave before you're 'escorted' out.
in order to play you need to have an iso or a cd. you can play from your hard-drive, but not from roms, which do not exist, but from isos. those take around 600mb each, by the way.
if you have original psx cds, you can play the game directly off of them, or rip them to your harddrive with a program like alcohol 120% or clonecd...
if you do not, the only other option is piracy, and as you might have guessed from my first sentence, piracy is against the rules around here.

edit : also, how could you mistake configuration packs for actual games? did you even see how much cds take? do you even have cds, any cds?
btw it is hard to find iso' I thought of roms....
And why should I leave?, I am not requesting any roms/ISO's or plugins, do I?

But I am still wondering, why the heck did they put in those names of games in there?? :eyemove:

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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