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This game was released a couple of months ago, featuring instant action RTS gameplay from the makers of Supreme Commander. You control a hero that levels up during the slaughter of enemies.

I was wondering if any of you play this game. I have bought it back then since I got a nice deal on it, and it seems they have some extra coupons handed out to those who already have the game. I have 2 coupons available that are valid till the 1st of November. If anyone is interested, please let it be known in this thread. It's a coupon to get the digital download for $19.95.

Otherwise, I played this game a couple of times and find it interesting. Despite not having been able to do justice to my purchase, I found the gameplay quite addicting and challenging. The music definitely sets the mood right, and the graphics are really nice to behold. It's simply a very intense game focused on action :)
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