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This game was released a couple of months ago, featuring instant action RTS gameplay from the makers of Supreme Commander. You control a hero that levels up during the slaughter of enemies.

I was wondering if any of you play this game. I have bought it back then since I got a nice deal on it, and it seems they have some extra coupons handed out to those who already have the game. I have 2 coupons available that are valid till the 1st of November. If anyone is interested, please let it be known in this thread. It's a coupon to get the digital download for $19.95.

Otherwise, I played this game a couple of times and find it interesting. Despite not having been able to do justice to my purchase, I found the gameplay quite addicting and challenging. The music definitely sets the mood right, and the graphics are really nice to behold. It's simply a very intense game focused on action :)
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I think Kirby has it as well, but other than that I don't know anyone that does.
i played the demo and REALLY liked it. still haven't gotten around to buying it, even with a coupon. i think i'm gonna hold off till i can get it even cheaper, cause i'm unsure just how long it'll hold my interest, i'm unsure or just how many game modes there are, and the most of the online community are a bunch of ****s. or at least when i played it they were. but it is an interesting game.
and the most of the online community are a bunch of ****s.
I think that's how internet gaming has become in general.
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