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Hi, first post on here.

I'm using Delta (2) to save all my configs/settings for my PSX games (on ePSXe), and am ripping games from the original PS1 discs to play as ISOs from the HD. Whenever I select the game and hit 'run game' in Delta, despite having the ISO selected beforehand, it gives me this error message:

* Error loading [plugins/ISO]

Only when I click on the ISO settings tab, will it work. Any ideas why? Surely
I should be able to just click on the game and then run it, instead of having to click across to the ISO tab every time?

I've already browsed for the ISO etc., but if I don't click on the ISO tab, it gives me that error message. Eg. If I fire up Delta and then click on 'Silent Hill', for which I've saved settings and the ISO location, it'll give me the error message until I click on the ISO tab.

This happens both on my own home PC and laptop at work.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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