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Delta 2: An auto-configuring frontend for epsxe/pcsx2

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Hi guys.

My website is back up and is sporting a new layout (thanks to razor blade for that :) ). To celebrate I've released Delta 2, the little secret project of mine that I've been tinkering away at since last summer. :p

Here's what's new in Delta 2:

  • Pcsx2 support! Delta is now a frontend for this promising ps2 emulator too!
  • The game editor has been redesigned and rewritten from scratch. I'm hoping this new layout looks more modern, and is more intuitive to beginners. Thanks to Razor Blade for the new icons/logos etc... and for redesigning the website to match.
  • Improved file organisation. The old system was a kludge in order to keep support with the original file format. Delta now uses a physical directory structure to organise it's files, making most file operations quicker and less problematic.
  • New file format created. This is to add ini file support (required by pcsx2). However the old dta based files are no longer supported. As a compromise I've written a quick 'n dirty format converter and included it with the installer as an option. It only supports conversion from 1.68's dta files. If you have older files than that please convert them to 1.68 first (opening and save them in 1.68 should do the trick).
  • Improved some of auto-configure routines, thanks to suggestions from bositman.
  • Included some new auto-configure scripts written by HushyPushy (more on the way :) )
  • Removed some of the old legacy features that I kept in from the very first version. Eg/ frontend forwarding is no longer needed as the same task is done by the autoquickstart toy on my homepage. Batard file support has also been removed as Xeven hasn't updated it for epsxe 1.6. ::Disk imager can now image DVDs. The new version is also on the website as a separate download.
  • New Bios checker tool. It provides a quick way to make sure that your bios file is actually valid. I've included it in the installer, and also as a standalone download. Thanks to CK for the detection tables.
  • New html help system.
  • Bug fixes to the epsxe game pad mapper. Should prevent most of the crashes, plus better support for psx adapter. Nb// if you own one of those things, please make sure that you have TWO pads plugged in, or at least disable the unused driver. Due to the way they work, directx reports there is a pad plugged into the adapter, even if there is not. This can cause problems when configuring.
  • Added basic ps2 memcard support to the memcard editor. Currently only card creation and formatting is available.
  • Known issue: SSSPSX plugin does NOT work in delta for either epsxe or pcsx2 configurations. This isn't a delta problem, as SSSPSX is incompatible with epsxecutor, A7 and the batard as well. The problem is SSSPSX does not conform to the psx or ps2 plugin standards. Until this bug gets fixed I recommend you use a different pad plugin.
  • Improvements to the installer
  • Lots of other little tweaks which currently escape me

I hope you guys find it useful :). You can find it at my website ( )
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Hey nice to see this new release :)
but...mine keeps crashing....all the time. I dont have ePSXe on my computer right now so maybe thats the reason but ill go get it and test it out

EDIT: k got ePSXe but still crashing...i cant really give much info on whats causing it though :S

TODO: <File description> has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
Included some new auto-configure scripts written by HushyPsuhy (more on the way )
who is this hushypsuhy?!?! must...kill him...

no but seriously i have more planned on the way. next up is MGS, Valkyrie Profile, Gran Turismo2, Parasite Eve, and more!! must find motivation...
Chrono Archangel said:
EDIT: k got ePSXe but still crashing...i cant really give much info on whats causing it though :S
At what stage in the process is that occuring? Also what actions have you taken up to that point?
Great job Betamax! Would be good if you create a thread for bug reporting,i found some too :p
I'll download it ASAP. Gotta love Delta's features ;)

Keep up the good work, Beta :thumb:
k step by step... here it goes

1) Installed it to D:\Emulators\Delta
2) Fire up delta.exe
3) Greeted with the "Welcome to delta! This is the fist time..and so on", I click OK
4) Delta Options opens. I set ePSXe's path (D:\Emulators\ePSXe 1.6\epsxe.exe)
5) I set PCSX2 path (D:\Emulators\PCSX2 0.7\pcsx2.exe), Bios & Plugin location are filled automatically and point to the correct path.
6) All other options are untouched. I click OK.
7) It then crashes there. I took a screenshot and the last thing written in the little progress textbox is: "Scanning file: D:\Emulators\PCSX2 0.7\plugins\"
8) Then theres the error.

Edit: stupid me...I removed andof course it worked :S
now i wonder where this file came from oO
nway sorry for the trouble, ill just get rid of that file since its obviously causingthe problem
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Hehe, yeah that's one of the reasons why the I put a diagnostic viewer on the splash screen. You can also have also disabled that file by adding it to the exclusion zone from the first time startup startup dialog.

In a nutshell due to the way the interface works the plugin enumerator can be sensitive to init errors. (Most obvious cases are 3dfx plugins present on a computers without a 3dfx cards).

Bositman: Send me a pm :p.
Good work beta, im hoping to use it with pcsx2 in the future when the emu and\or my comp can actully run anything in it :p
Bloody hell what a release! Glad to help Beta! ;) Now time to fire up some old memories :)
OH YEH...... Betamax j00 rule.

heheh my fav frontend. Awesome job Beta.
can i use this frontend from another front end such as myhtpc or meedio? if so what would the command line paramaters be?
Hmmm well I haven't tested that kind of configuration, but you might get away with using the -direct flag. Check out one of the directplay shortcuts to see how it works;)
Arn't I included?
Please help me figure this out

I think i understand in a nutshell how delta 2 works (i just downloaded it) and i'm trying to play some of my old ps1 games. but when i'm in the configuration settings (or whatever it's called, when i put in my game and it has the bars like psx graphics, psx sound, etc.) and everything works fine except that for the psx graphics section, in the dropdown bar for "Select GPU Plugin" there isn't anything to select. why isn't there anything there? i need to select something there to play the game right? please help me. thanks.

WTH!! I thought Betamax is alive again :/
Yes, I am necroing this because the download link is broken. I was wondering if anyone might take the time to point me in the direction of a current download or upload Delta 2 somewhere?
Yes, I am necroing this because the download link is broken. I was wondering if anyone might take the time to point me in the direction of a current download or upload Delta 2 somewhere?
try this:
Is this still working for current pcsx2?
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