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dell inspiron 8000

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what could i expect from a dell inspiron 8000 in games with intense graphics card usage.

p3 1ghz
128 ram
20 gb hd
dvd 8x
15" uxga screen
windows 2000
geforce2 go 32mb

and with an ati m4 mobility with 32 mb

what could be best and how many fps could i get in a pc game with a lot of graphics, textures, etc.
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i ve a p3 733, a geforce 256 32 sdr, 128 mb or ram, win2000, a sound blaster 512...
And i run all the games flawlessly w/ epsxe with good features...

Guess u ve guessed ;)

YES, ur computer is able to run ePSXe very well;
as well as FPSE, vgs, adrpsx or even *cough* bleem.

Hmm SB 512..................
Why don't you get sound blaster live value???
I think that better............
I got this card because of two reasons:

It s the cheapest card w/ an emu101k spu (the best spu ever made, which equips the sb live too)
I ve no reasons to get a sb live: I needn t have a digital output, my speakers just *sorry ;) * suck.

Here they are...

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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