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Delaying individual apps at startup?

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Some time ago I read about an application that would allow you to specify a delay for every single application that will start with Windows. The reasoning behind it is that because of everything having to be loaded at the same time your harddrive becomes the limiting factor. There's quite the gain in responsiveness to be had with something like this from what the article said.

I was wondering if any of you have experience with such apps and what you'd recommend for me. Mostly because I do have my share of apps running:

- ATi CCC (default)
- MSN Messenger (not mandatory, but convenient since I often log in)
- Xfi Mode Changer (soundcard related, mandatory for Xfi users)
- Logitech SetPoint (for my mouse)
- Kapersky AV/Firewall
- Folding @ Home (duh)
- Daemon Tools
- ATi Tray Tools
- Linksys Wireless thingie

That's just in the tray launching with Windows, and it doesn't include stuff like Diskeeper that runs in the background (even though those apps are limited).

I would definitely like to have stuff like MSN, Xfi Mode Changer, Folding and Daemon tools load with 10 seconds difference if it means having superior responsiveness of my system.
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Simply don't shut down :\

Hibernate is your friend :p
That stuff sometimes messes up with Folding, though I think pausing it before hibernating helps. Wouldn't it be good still to really shut down from time to time just to have a "clean start" ?
yeah, but then wheres the point of delaying startup if its just a random event.

actually.. its usually the starting of services that slows windows down.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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