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defrag. program

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im looking for a defragmentation program that can move all the files to the front of the hard drive, when i use the window disk defrag. program, files are still all over the place just not fragmented, any recommendations are greatly appreciated, does such a program exist????

Chill Pill
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if you run windows defrag twice it should move everything to the front.
edit: ^^no

There are three choices -- O&O Defrag, Diskkeeper, and PerfectDisk. I think they all do what you want in terms of placement. I can vouch for DK and PD, currently using PD. Never used O&O but people swear by it.
Windows built-in defrag has always lack in performance. It takes like 3 hours to defrag a hard drive.

I highly recommend diskeeper. I just updated to diskeeper 9 and the performance is much faster than Windows defrag. I can defrag a NTFS drive under 10 minutes or less.
norton disc doctor and the other program... were working good :)
Diskkeeper works like a charm. It can defrag my drive in less than 10 min while the one included in windows takes 2 hours.
I would like to put one advisor with using Diskeeper and Windows XP.

If any of your drives are FAT32 and you are using Windows XP, I find that the defrag performance is worse under Diskeeper. It takes longer to defrag a FAT32 drive under Windows XP using Diskeeper.

The developers admit this is an known flaw with the program.
know see, if u had linux installed, this wouldnt be a problem, lol, lol. i use to use the one that was buit into windows. that one always did the job for me.
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