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Def Jam - Fight for NY

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Hey Guys.
I've got a big problem with emulating the game.
My config is set right so everything should work, but it doesn't work.
Just look at the screenshot ...

Hope someone can help me.
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playstation 2 is not well emulated yet. Don't try it yet if you want to get good or even passable quality.
only playstation 1 games are emulated well.
plus this is a board for playstation 1 emulation.
soo hey ...

I surfed through this board and found an post about delta and autoconfig or so ..
I tested it and recognized that it helps a bit.

Now I get this log and the screen shows frames per second and the other things, but the problem is .. the screen is still black.

Watch the screen:
Pcsx2 is still under heavy devleopment. Any attempt to run Playstation 2 discs on it will produce undesirable results - missing textures, and low fps count.

Proceed to the Playstation 2 Emulation board as stated by Brilliant.

Please go to the following link if you still do not understand where you are:

I also would like to ask - Where did you obtain your download of Pcsx2?
I also would like to ask - Where did you obtain your download of Pcsx2?
At the official PCSX2 Page .. or so .. don't know .. why do you ask?

1. CVS or other unofficial builds/betas are NOT supported on this forum.

2. You will NOT Ask for a BIOS , ISO , beta or where to download them from.

4. We DO NOT KNOW when the next version will be released. Don't waste your time asking.

5. We DO NOT KNOW what the minimium specs are yet. Don't waste your time asking.

6. Please read the below stickies before you even click on the "post new thread" button:

- Bositman's PCSX2 configuration guide


7. If your game does not work, don't complain or ask why it doesn't work as currently 99% of games show a few screens or nothing at all. Don't ask the Beta testers to test x or y game as we already test hundreds, and we will only post shots if the game shows SIGNIFICANT progress.

Soo .. I opened this thread to ask what the last sentences which are written in console are meaning und perhaps somebody knows an answer to get running this game.
Please try reading the responses you got in this topic thus far.
Hint : Do not 'filter out' responses you do not like.

Further hint : This is the playstation board. there is also a playstation 2 board you can easily go to. Maybe someone will answer your query there, maybe not.
just about 4 years, hopefully this year they will complete it
why did you feel the need to revive a thread this old and on top of that- isnt even in the right section?

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