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Debugging games?

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I have a game, .hack//INFECTION, that sits at a black screen doing nothing. Where would I begin to determine what problem it is having (to use in fixing PCSX2 to support it)? If I try the debugger in PCSX2, it just lists a bunch of assembly with no sign of where the code is currently executing. If I click the "Go" button, PCSX2 freezes (until I kill -9 it).
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Determining the single problem with a game is impossible at this point.. it's probably a combination of alot of issues. Don't put much energy into it, you won't get very far.
actually, he needs to turn off the recomp and then it will give him the line of code its stuck on but unless you know mips asm, its pretty pointless.
IMHO the 2 posts above dont really answer the question of Luke-Jr at all. This is very unfortunate as I was asking myself the same questions^^

On my search for the answers I found the following page by Nachbrenner as a probable starting point for PS2 reversing beginners (note that it is a backup and therefore not maintained anymore I guess):

Nevertheless I still do have questions concerning the debugger in PCSX2 0.7:

* first of all I also dont know on what exact code line the game is supposed to be whenever I enter the debugger - it would be really groovie if that line would be selected or marked otherwise
* secondly I share the problem of PCSX2 crashing whenever I press the "Go"-button within the debugger with Luke-Jr. This aint too frustrating for me as I pretty much only want to use the debugger to find out the current code location (see point 1) but it still interests me wheather this is a known bug which happens to everyone or weather it is my configuration i.e. I have not tried the other functions like step and skip though but I guess the same would happen - testing setting bps wouldnt work anyway with "Go" not working, ehe.
* last i cannot see all the text in the debugging windows (that is in the IOP debugger-window and the window which displays the registers and such) - probably because I set my windows-fonts to big. I know this is a common problem to some windows programs and I also know that it might be a hassle to change that behaviour in a future release, but it would be really nice to at least have the option to resize the windows (which should be pretty easy to code and would help people like me a lot)

Now before I forget I wanna say thx for this groovie emu which is the best by far. Continue your great work :eek:)


Edit: oh yeah, of course the current code line could simply be the first line of code in the window, but the it is not clear weather it is or not. Best would be if it would be the line exactly in the middle, being marked as well, so that one would not always have to scroll up or down to look at the surrounding code after entering the debugger.

Edit: OK, I figured that the current code line is the first line in the debugger window (which is in fact the same adress as the PC - should have been self-explanatory hehe ;) ^^
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