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And if possible, can there be more visual improvements made to the debugger, so it shows fixed points 16.16, fixed points 20.12, unsigned and signed integers based on 2-bytes and 4-bytes display, a d floating points in general?

When realistically attempting to use the debugger, I find it cumbersome that it's not an interactive debugger. Mainly, you can hold or set some triggers in software, so inputs can be passed to the debugger, and have the debugger trace out what would happen when the game does see the inputs. I believe this is key to understanding the RAM memory in the game.

But then again, it takes about 30 million instruction cycles before 1 or 2 rendering frames get processed to the display.... So I guess it's not interactive due to the nature?

If only you can set a breakpoint to trigger just before a byte value in RAM gets set.
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