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When I Activate the Debug Menu Cheat, It Just shows Blocks, NO TEXT! Just Blocks! can someone help me?
Note: I mean, by this;
I can't read the Debug Menu!

Note 2: I'm also using Dolphin Emulator SVN Revision 3661.

one more thing,/Final Note: also tell me what I did Wrong, OK?

True Last (3) things:
  1. I've uploaded some Images showing The Untexturized and the Blocky Debug Menus:
    Look: Blank Screen (Dolphin SVN R3661)!
    Look: Almost All Blocks!
  2. I've Shortened The first Part of this Edit since I've Accedently Pressed Back (Ctrl+Left on the Keyboard)
  3. I also Saw a "Blank Screen" Debug menu that you can't see. (Dolphin R3661)
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